An Island Paradise

Island Paradise in the Cayman Islands

Interested in an island paradise?


Well, keep reading as I tell you about my personal experience living the island life in the Cayman Islands. 

If you’re new to my blog then let me welcome you and thank you for stopping by.

My name is Paula and welcome to my world of fun and adventures. 

Born and raised in Jamaica, I’ve lived there for pretty much all my life.

However, things changed for me after meeting my wonderful hubby, D. 

After the pandemic hit, things were a lot different than they were before.

We started to think about our life together and how we wanted to achieve certain milestones throughout it. 


So after dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s, we decided to travel and live on a small island paradise. 

Flying over Jamaica - TheShyFoodBlogger

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be living here but here we are.

Check out my first blog post here, where I talk about how it all started coming to the Cayman Islands.

Living Away From Home 

As I adjust to my new settings, I can’t help but miss my home country sometimes.

There are lots of things that I miss about being in Jamaica. 

Being surrounded by mountains and rivers is just the start.

You could go anywhere on the island and find some of the best rivers with a great view of the mountains.

Did you know that the best coffee in the world comes from the mountains in Jamaica? The Blue Mountain coffee is widely known for its strong smell and flavor even from one cup. 


I remember many trips to the parish of Portland which has some of the best rivers flowing through it. 

Honestly, I am not a coffee person but I’ll drink a cup once in a while to keep my energy going. 

One thing I miss the most from Jamaica is my family. My mom and brothers are my whole world. 

I miss them with each day that goes by but I know it won’t be long before I see them again.


So I look forward to planning my first visit back home and seeing them and my friends too. 

Difference Between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Since I moved here a few weeks ago, I am still trying to get used to my new lifestyle.

If you didn’t know the Cayman Islands is actually an archipelago made up of 3 different islands. 

I live in Grand Cayman, the largest of the (3) three.

The other 2 islands or sister islands as they are called by the locals are – Cayman Brac and Little Cayman (the smallest of the three islands).

I am certainly looking forward to exploring all parts of this beautiful place.


The sister islands are also on my agenda just to see what makes them different among themselves. 

Source: Photo By Azzedine R. on Unsplash
Source: Photo By Azzedine R. on Unsplash

One thing I really love about living here so far is the ocean view.

You can see the ocean from almost anywhere on the island.  

Where we live I’d consider it to be somewhat of a country area; with an ocean view, of course.

With all the greenery I am surrounded by it’s great compared to my city life back in Jamaica. 

Another difference here is the people that make up the island.

In Jamaica, as you would think, the majority of the population is Jamaicans but here you have persons from all over the world. 

I’ve met people from Jamaica, Cuba, the USA, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, the Philippines, Columbia, Nicaragua, and more to name a few. 


I love that, as it gives the island some diversity among the people and brings about different cultural aspects as well. 

How I Spend My Days Living the Island Paradise  

While I am here, I am working on some big plans to help solidify my place here.

So in the meantime, I am going to enjoy the island paradise that is the Cayman Islands. 

Now I am not saying that I didn’t live the island life back in Jamaica.

As most people would think if you live in the Caribbean then you’re living an island dream. But that is far from it, to be honest.

We Caribbean folks work just as hard as the next person. 

Back home, I had to work a lot to help take care of my family.

Sunrise in an island paradise - TheShyFoodBlogger

Which meant going without vacation time ever so often. 

So now that I am here I want to soak in as much of the paradise as I can while I await some progress reports. 

Most days so far, I spend my time going for morning walks enjoying the morning air, and listening to the waves crashing against the shores.

After my walks, I spend my days indoors working from home until D gets home and regales me with stories of work and a great bottle of wine, hehe. 

He always has my best interest at heart.

It’s one of the many reasons I decided to journey with him back to the Cayman Islands. 

Going Fishing For The First Time

Other days are filled with adventures like a couple of days ago.

D and I went shore fishing. It was my first time fishing in my whole life. 

D on the other hand has been fishing since he was a child.

I can only imagine how excited he must have been when he caught his first fish. 

Fishing in an island paradise - TheShyFoodBlogger

As we were heading out it was all sun but as soon as we got to the fishing spot the place became overcast. 

I was looking forward to fishing so I was hoping for good weather.

It did rain for a little while but it eventually let up and we got to work. 

For a while, we mostly felt some pickings on our lines but things started to pick up when I felt a really hard pull on my line.

Eventually, I reeled in my first catch. 

Ha! It was a fish called a grunt.

They are pretty popular in these waters along with snapper, jack, yellowtail, barracuda, and many other types. 

I was pretty blown away that I even caught anything on my first try.

It was at that moment, I knew, fishing was in my blood. 

Kidding, but I am looking forward to more fishing trips and catching more fish along the way.

Maybe I might catch myself a huge red snapper or parrot fish :). 

NOTE: I do want to at least give some guidance to anyone reading to check out the rules and regulations for fishing anywhere in the Cayman Islands; to avoid penalties of any kind. 

You can start your research here to be on the right track when fishing anywhere in the Cayman Islands.

Photo by Samuel Cruz on Unsplash -TheShyFoodBlogger
Source: Photo by Samuel Cruz on Unsplash

Anyways, catch you guys in my next post.

There is so much to come as I continue to enjoy the paradise dream of living in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

More About Me: 

P.S. Aside from blogging about my personal journey in the Cayman Islands, I’m also a girl who loves to cook. Technically I am a certified chef de partie (line chef). 

I decided I wanted to hone in on the skills that I learned at culinary school and share some recipes I love to make or always wanted to make. 

I’m no perfectionist but I do love food, so check out the food side of my blog here. I share all sorts of recipes and ideas you can try in your kitchen too!

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