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If you had told younger me that I’d be moving to this island paradise, she wouldn’t believe it, haha.

Venture with me as I explore all I can about living in the Cayman Islands and more.

Ingredients - Home TheShyFoodBlogger

Would I be a Jamaican if I didn’t know how to cook? 

That’s always the question asked within the Caribbean, as it’s said every Jamaican (or Caribbean person) knows how to cook. 

I’m no expert, but I know my way around the kitchen. Check out these recipes and more that’ll tease your taste buds.

Singh's Roti Shop - TheShyFoodBlogger

My mom would always call me a foodie, and I CERTAINLY am. 

As I explore the world of food, I love the idea of doing something called “restaurant hopping” for the best meals ever. 

Check out my series on the best eateries to visit. 

Who Am I ?

Hi there, my name is Paula-Ann, and I love food. I love to cook and enjoy all variations of food from all over the world. Explore the food world with me through recipes for different cuisines. 

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