Pirates Week 2022

Pirates Fest 2022 in the Cayman Islands 

Have you ever been to a pirate festival before? 


If you answered yes then that’s amazing. But if you answered no, then don’t worry as you’re not alone. 

Welcome to my world of adventure in the Cayman Islands. 

My name is Paula and today I’m going to tell you about one of my fun trips going to my first-ever pirate festival. 

Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash - Pirates- TheShyFoodBlogger
Source: Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

Since I’ve packed up my life back in Jamaica to live in the Cayman Islands, I have been adjusting well to this new lifestyle here. 

As the holidays are coming up, there are a few celebrations that go on here that have captured my attention.

Pirates Fest in the Cayman Islands is actually pretty new to me. It’s probably one of the few Caribbean islands that celebrate, well, PIRATES

Growing up, when learning about Caribbean history you learned that a lot of pirates traveled through the Atlantic, Indian, and Caribbean waters venturing to new lands within the area. 


Since this was my first time at such an event, D played the role of a tour guide for me through it all. 

What is Pirates Fest?

According to the Pirates Fest website for the Cayman Islands, this is a festival celebration showcasing 44 years of Cayman culture and pirate folklore. 

It’s said that this festival is one of Cayman’s biggest tourist attractions which takes place annually. 

So if you didn’t make it to this year’s festivities then there’s always next year which may just be bigger and better. 

What To Expect For A Pirates Festival

What makes this festival such an amazing and exciting travel idea if you’re visiting the islands is that it takes place on all (3) islands. 

Each has its own version of celebrating the festivities. 

Even though this festival is not considered a Cayman Islands holiday it’s still an event that everyone will enjoy from the whole family. 

Fireworks at Pirates Week- TheShyFoodBlogger

Some of the activities included family-friendly activities, costume competitions, singing competitions, and fireworks. 


But the fun doesn’t stop there because when the party stops in Grand Cayman, (which is where I reside) there are also other activities such as street dancing, party nights, pirate flotilla, beach clean-ups, scavenger hunts, and so much more. 

All these fun activities take place for 1-2 weeks on each island. Isn’t that amazing?


Each island gets a chance to bring their A-game to such an interesting and fun affair. 

How Did Pirate Week 2022 Go For Me?

I have to admit that I wasn’t able to engage in many of these activities due to some personal matters. 


However, I did make it to the last night of the festival in Grand Cayman. I got to say it was a bit of a bumpy ride getting there. 

Unfortunately, we had some car issues on our way. 

So we parked near a liquor store and walked the rest of the way into town which was maybe a 10-minute walk. 

Once we got there, most of the activities were over so we just walked around and met up with a few friends. 

We got some conch soup, which was quite delicious and I even tried Dairy Queen’s ice cream for the first time. 

DQ Ice-Cream - TheShyFoodBlogger
Dairy Queen ice cream cone

Later that night was the best part of it all, the FIREWORKS. 


Fireworks lit the night skies away as they celebrated the end of Pirates Week in Grand Cayman only to move on to one of the other islands for the rest of the celebration. 

It was quite an experience that night. We made our back to our car and went home to relax and bask in the memories of a new chapter of our lives. 

Hopefully, I can make it for next year’s event, Pirates Fest 2023! Which I certainly look forward to. 

You can visit the Pirates Fest website here for more details about this year’s event and what to expect for next year. 

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